2014 in Review, Part 3

This image was shot from the High Line, a relatively new addition to New York City's parks, in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. The High Line was an elevated freight railway that had been abandoned for over 30 years before it was transformed into a park. The elevated viewpoint provides some unusual photographic opportunities. 

I thought of using this image, in color, for The Edge of Night series, but I decided it looked more dramatic and noir in B&W. When I first arrived at this spot, people were strolling along the walkway, seemingly uninterested in the sliver of space between these two industrial buildings. After I had the tripod set up, I carefully framed the image, took a shot, and repeated these steps a few more times. As I was immersed in my work, I became aware of several groups of people stopping to capture the scene on their phones before walking on. I wonder how many of them would have stopped to appreciate it had I not been there.