My 12 Best Pictures of 2017

I find that It is good exercise to review the photos I took in the year past and to choose the ones I like the best. This process gives me the perspective of time to see what worked, what did not, and how I "see" and make images may have changed from the year before — hopefully for the better. Here are the 12 photos I selected from 2017.

Nature's Beauty is Fleeting – Don't Procrastinate

I discovered this maple tree along the Konkapot River in the Berkshires five years ago. On that first encounter, which was late autumn, the leaves had already fallen, but I was attracted to the tree's branching structure and its position along the river. I took this photo two years later after a heavy rain storm.

Recently I stopped off to visit the tree. Once again the water was high and rushing, due to recent heavy rains, but the tree was no longer standing. The trunk was lying on the ground alongside the river. It was probably toppled by tropical storm Irene this past summer. Thinking back over those past years, I'm glad that I continued to check on the tree for possible photographs, otherwise I  would never have captured its majestic stance along the rushing river.

Many things in nature seem long lasting and unchangeable, but things can change quickly. I have become aware of the fleeting beauty of nature, and that if I procrastinate, I may lose the chance to capture something wonderful. Several photos that I have taken can no longer be made. A beaver pond has become overgrown with tall weeds along the edge. A waterfall composition changed when a large log became lodged nearby after a storm. Ironically, it's the scenes I see frequently that I am prone to put off photographing for another time, hoping the lighting will be better, rather than making the effort to seek out the magic light before sunrise or at sunset.